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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cultivating my PLN - it's new to me!

Okay, so it's true, my 12 year old son knows more about technology than I do. He can whip around an I-Pad faster than a dog licks up your crumbs off the floor. I am curious about technology and even more curious about social networking. I've had a Facebook account for a couple years, but never gave any consideration about tweeting simply because I wasn't very educated about it. I didn't know anyone who tweeted besdies my husband and even he said he didn't tweet very much. So, until I was "assigned" to make my own Twitter account, I held my breath. Now, I'm breathing and tweeting, and having fun following others and being nosey. Yes, nosey! It's kind of weird following somebody online and watching and snooping into what they are doing. However, I find it quite interesting that I can get expert advice from other teachers who really have a handle on what they are doing in the classroom. I am in my 3rd year of teaching and some days I'll admit, I think to myself, "does it ever get easier?" I love working with students who are from all over the world and speak not one, but two, sometimes three or four languages. I remember when I just started working in my school district as a paraprofessional and a high school student wrote my name in Arabic. I don't really feel like I'm very cultured myself, and I feel like I'm very sheltered and have been kept safe all my life. My husband has been to all but one of the seven continents and has all the Navy stories to go with them, too. Me, I feel like my life is boring. But, alas, I can now tweet about how boring my life is to anyone who wants to follow me. Ha! The biggest possibilities for me for tweeting are to share my experiences (no matter how mundane) to others. I'm positive that I will be able to get feedback from other educators and ideas to take into the classroom. My biggest goal is to be more techno savvy and begin incorporating technology into the classroom with my students.  

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  1. Good for you, Candice! Anyone can start at any time. I'm the "Technology Integration Specialist" but I pretty much think my 9 year old knows more than me about being techno savvy.

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