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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Making Learning Fun!

I have never considered creating my own magazine, but apparently it is possible. OpenZine is a free publishing website and is open to anyone who wants to invest in their own passions so others can view it free and online. In an OpenZine called Project PLN, elementary educator Derek Brahman blogs about his own passions. In summation, he encourages teachers to focus on making learning fun. If teachers are enjoying what they are teaching, then students will inevitably pick up on it. The biggest key point in his article is that students are not going to remember whether or not their school had the top state reading test scores, but rather if their teacher was fun and what they learned in class.

I happen to agree with Derek Brahman. I think learning should be fun and my intent is to focus on using technology in the classroom. Instead of banning the use of cellphones during the school day, why not let students use them in the classroom as clickers, use apps, connect to the school's wireless network and focus on what we can do with technology instead of what they shouldn't do.

Should students be able to use cell phones in the classroom?

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  1. YOU my dear are brilliant....ANOTHER app to put on the todo board!